My badass need to come out.

I’m learning how to be the bad ass that is inside of me. I’m still living in the shell where I keep everything hidden from people. Where I don’t like to be seen, and I live under the rador of life. I don’t like to make waves I don’t like to cause trouble. In living that way though I have let my inner bad ass die. I can feel her dying inside with each time I keep my mouth shut. With each time I do what some one else wants me to do instead of doing what is important to me. I need to start learning that this is my life and I need to do what is happy for me. Whether it’s standing up to my BF saying that I need to do this. or learning to stand on my own feet at work and show them that I the person that were meant to hire and ¬†have plans to move forward with this company. Or maybe I need to stand on my own to feet to jump in and to start my business the way that I want to start this. I need to just jump in no more excues I need to focus all the time I can in order to make the life that I want to live. I need to do this for me. I need to make this life the life that I’m meant to live.

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