To what degree do people change?

Its never drastic without drastic circumstances and it rarely comes quickly or noticibly without being a ruse entirely.

Change is slow. almost unnoticable. it happens over time and with much effort.

everything changes and everything must change. no one is suspended in time. from nature to society. everything changes and everything must change.

what causes change in people? motivation, self preservation, or do people just wake up one mornin, like… I shouldn’t be a dick anymore.

usually people get caught doing something bad and have an outside force making them behave as is desired. i say let the fucker overdose on heroin. will it be hard to see him go? yes. but people RARELY change because of jail and rehab. he is going to do it until it kills him. why drag the worry out any longer than necessary. people are who they are. forcing someone to be who you want them to be wont work.

I believe that kind of “change” isn’t real and doesnt last.

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