Day 2

Aaron was a tall and lanky, but had a strong physique. He was Danish with mousey brown hair that almost seemed grey. He was fair skinned and pink or red sometimes. There was something that seemed agitated about him – most wouldn’t pick up on it, but if he was studied carefully, his physical body seemed to give off an irritation. He was older and it was lucky for him that he was – who knows how difficult he would have been without some age on him. He was extremely generous, the most generous person anyone could ever hope to meet – until he wanted something. He believed everyone owed him money. He had one of the best eyes for style and quality in all things. His possessions were abundant – they were the rarest and most unique versions of the item, and few could deny it. He was an early riser because he liked the watercolor sky that was twilight. And he was hyper-sexual. He didn’t work because he was funded from relationships past and he believed in doing things because of whims and changes in mood, no matter how fleeting. He possessed a strong talent for ideas and starting projects, but liked for others to finish them. He was particularly adept at smelling the roses along the way and striking up conversation with whomever was in his present vicinity. Strangers felt comfortable and open around him and he had a wonderful sense of humor that was easily accessible. It was a joy to be around him and after a particularly rigorous day, he knew how to take you down a notch and settle into pure relaxation.

He was 48 1/2 years old and his life was interesting.

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