Switching with Forbidden Fruit “sissy”

So, I am into Power Exchange. I like to Switch. I had a vanilla sexual liaison with an ex in May this year – but other than that for 2 years I have not experienced any intimacy. This sexual desire for Power Exchange manifests within me and these desires grow stronger and stronger.

i joined an adult web site this week – seeking a partner to Power Exchange with. i found someone from my own town who likes to switch. He is the same age as me, and as it turns out married.  We messaged each other and had so much in common. Without telling each other who we are – we slowly worked out who each other is ! We have many mutual friends and I know some of his family very well.

We socialised one night during the week, with other mutual friends.  When I left – he picked me up and we made out in his car for about an hour.  Eventually we went back to his place – where we power exchanged.  It was exciting and sexual.  The following night – he picked me up again. When I got into his car – i unzipped my jacket. I was wearing a body suit that allowed my tits to be exposed. We drove around for a half hour with my tits out. It felt so exhilarating. We parked in a quiet location and I got out of his car – and went around to his side … opened his door and told him to kiss my breasts and pull my nipples. My nipples and breasts were already marked from him the night before.

We eventually went back to his home where he kneeled before me again. I ensured that the intensity was high and that he behaved appropriately.  I teased and tormented him.  But ultimately, I am teasing and tormenting myself too.

This man, this sissy … so unassuming in my hometown – so full of self worth to show his vulnerabilities to me.  I asked him to change into his sissy clothes. He wore stockings a bra and panties – and looked so beautiful.

After the play, the aftercare was something that I have never felt before.  Yes, i like a connection with people if I power exchange with them – but our connection is great.

I think I am in love with a married man.

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