Hmmm first post, huh? Always so difficult to begin writing where nothing has been written before. As if I’ll “ruin” it by setting up a certain style or tone or expectation for this thing. Or just by already writing something boring.

OH WELL, LOL. I’ve started a lot of journals, I suppose wanting a place to record the stuff worth remembering, to clarify my murky reflections on life, and to explore just who is the person called myself.

Right now “myself” is a 23 year old little girl without much direction, confidence, or friends, but a whole lot of joy, hope, and gratitude. Somehow I am HERE, six months married to my favorite human being and less than two months away from meeting my other favorite human being, i.e. becoming a freaking MAMA. Whew! If someone had told me that the sudden death of my dad two years ago would be the start of a journey towards seeking a closeness with God I had never previously imagined, as well as the happiest, most exciting period of my entire life thus far…. I would not have been able to believe it.

But here we are.  And here this journal begins.

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