Deep down

inside I know that I love him still, but I wish I didn’t love him at all. I can’t believe he had her take his phone and she message me. Like it’s not any of her business me and his relationship and it pisses me off so much I don’t even want to see him or talk to him.  If I do I might say something I’ll regret later on so I blocked him. Why does stuff like this happen? I wish it didn’t. I wish I could be happy and with him but that’s not going to happen. It just won’t. So today I’m going to stuff my face to junk food, cry and watch netflix in bed. Plain and simple as that.

5 thoughts on “Deep down”

  1. Balance above all else. Situations like these hurt, but without rain, there is no life. Have your cry, you are 100% entitled to that. Only time can heal so you can come out whenever you feel ready. I’m rooting for you

  2. Ah, men… Or women. Wait. Better: ah, relationships…

    Cry now, as much as you want, but eat healthy, and time will heal everything.

    If you need to talk, feel free to write me =)

  3. personally ill never understand how people are such cowards they get other people to message for them.. or talk shit for them.. i know exactly how you feel.. when i was waiting to be divorced from my ex husband.. i remember one occasion me and him were arguing even though we were seperated.. he had a bitch at his apartment.. that i had decided to leave.. anyways.. she was his gf, supposedly.. but she ends up texting me talking shit from HIS phone.. omfg.. i lost it.. someone i was kool with at the time.. i called her and was so upset and pissed in one.. i gave her his number and she called and cussed him and her out.. like idgaf what is going on.. i dont even care he had a gf because i was the one who wanted the divorce.. i left him.. dont have your hoe text me talking shit when she 1. has not one clue what is going one, and 2. its none of her mf buisness.. i swear on everything i can not stand people who do that.. a huge pet peeve of mine.. smh..

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