It’s over

my husband fucked up big time. He let this girl he’s staying over her house but he let her have his phone and she fucking texts me and says “this is (name) I have his phone from here on out and he’s not picking up anyone unless it’s for me. That the moment I knew that I couldn’t take anymore from him. Blocked his number, blocked his Facebook, and blocked her and her number, and told the people closest to me not to talk about him and if he tries telling them to ask me something don’t end up telling me. I will not take him back whatsoever. He really messed up this time, I was having a panic attack but I’m better now knowing I’m going to do things by myself and be by myself. No body deserves the way he’s treating me. It’s not the worst situation but it’s bad at least to me. My husband is very depressed and think he has no polar. There is no getting through to him. He’s on his own now. Well he’s not getting anything from me. That’s how I always delt with things or people that hurt me. I’d stay away from them and block them so they can’t contact me. And that’s what I’m doing with Alex. I took my rings off and told myself it’s ok you need to leave now. I’m not getting anywhere with him I want a good future. And I’m going to take time to heal. This hurts a lot but it’s the best thing to do, he isn’t well he needs to go into a mental hospital, not saying it to be mean but to be serious. That’s it for now maybe more later

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