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So the other day I created a personal playlist on QQ Music called Stuck In My Head, which about 100 people have listened to already. I’m almost proud of it, but also kind of nervous about what all those people thought of my taste in music, which leans toward rock, and is dominated by Paramore, since I’m a huge fan. I have been trying out other bands and artists too: Arctic Monkeys (have to love Alex’s very British-sounding voice and the song lyrics), The Killers (Don’t Shoot Me Santa!), Coldplay (of course Viva La Vida and Every Teardrop is a Waterfall), Fall Out Boy (Immortals?), Panic! at the Disco (very hippie-sounding album, Pretty. Odd.), Muse (because Uprising and their cover of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You are so good), Vampire Weekend (not as appealing, since it’s more indie), My Chemical Romance (loved the Welcome to the Black Parade video but not the song so much), Paloma Faith (eh, the songs of hers that I’ve heard so far are passable), Boys Like Girls (solely because my sister likes them)–and a whole bunch of others that I don’t even have very definite opinions on yet, because I haven’t even listened to a great deal of them, like The All-American Rejects, All-Time Low, The Black Keys, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Ok Go, Marina and the Diamonds, Cobra Starship, Metro Station, The Academy Is…, etc.

I’ve also thought a lot about becoming a YouTube vlogger, like my idols, Dan and Phil. But the thought of just putting myself out there–my face, my voice, my thoughts–for EVERYONE to see is kind of scary. And no, it isn’t the same as writing a journal, because on a journal, no one sees my face or hears my voice. Plus this site is pretty obscure anyway, at least for now.

Aaaaannndd I’m still trying to find internet friends. Not easy. Seeing as most people are 1) too old; 2) too creepy; and 3) have no common interests, it’s pretty hard to hunt out a nice normal decent not-on-the-internet-for-sex-and-relationships person. I have three penfriends but one of them hasn’t replied for a while. The best and most promising is also a girl, but I would like to have a boy as a friend, NOT because I’m looking for relationships.

Since it’s nine pm and I should get off the internet now (I haven’t even told you dear readers that I’m visiting relatives in another city right now) I’ll just end this short post with a good night, and a new fact–I would like to start learning Japanese, along with German.


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  1. Oh hey, YOU GO GIRL! I just signed up for my account and haven’t even started my journal yet but I happened to see this and wanted to say that! I thought seriously about vlogging for a long time but never could because it IS so huge to put your face out there. I was a kind of afraid of getting the super hateful rejection from strangers, but way more so of the thought that people I know in real life might find out and think my thoughts/me were dumb =/ There are definitely tons of randos out there who think your taste in music sucks! But that is OK because it does not affect your worth as human being in any way whatsoever LOL. I’m still learning this but I know it to be true. Good luck and keep putting yourself out there and being awesome!

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