My daughter’s father and I are not together. But for some reason he feels that he needs a key to MY HOUSE. his reason being “my daughter is there”. ive been in my place for about a month now. its just me and my kids. I love it. He has been asking for a key since he found out i was moving. my answer was always no. Today I noticed one of my extra keys missing. Guess who stole my house key? my daughter’s dad. im so upset because I know hes not going to give it back. him having a key does not sit well with me. No he’s not abusive or anything. we have no bad blood between us. well not anymore. i just dont like that he can come into my home whenever he feels like it. not cool. what if I want male company over and I have to worry about him just popping up. smh. its like im stuck.

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  1. Oh wow, I don’t think I would like that either. Have you confronted him about it? Would you be willing to look at legal options? You need your privacy, too.

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