Day 3

The earth mounded across the water in a grand and still way. There was no visible sign or mention of any unnatural interruption. It was easy to imagine the island was completely untouched. The water that guarded the island was blue like diamonds. Two forces came together in the center to battle a long standing argument over soccer teams. Who was the best between the mainland and the island? When the sport’s fans slept and worked and had their minds preoccupied with other facets of life other than soccer, the water kept the argument flowing. It was steady and never-ending.

The sand on the beach was hot from baking in the sun. Blue and white umbrellas attempted to make cool spots, but it was better to lay under sun and accept its undeniable energy. The people were beautiful. Some had striking blue eyes – light like the sky with a dark blue ring around the outside and there was depth behind the eyes. The people were inquisitive and thoughtful. The food was fresh and from the sea. Life was social and relaxed.

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