Just another day that has gone by. I realized a few things baout myself today, but I want to just give an overview of how the day went because a lot of the small details are somewhat important.
I went to go see the movie Dope by myslef. Most people look at me like I’m crazy when I say that I go to the movies by myself. If they only knew the kind of person that I am and the people that are surrounding me, they’d understand why I chose ot go to the movies by myself.
First of all, I never go with my family because my mom and dad are in general just too old to be going with the younger crowds to the movies. They just stay at home and watch movies in the comfort of their living room so yeah. That only leaves my brother and he can never enjoy anything. I don’t know what’s up with him personally. I think that years ago, someone shat on the empty cavity in his chest that was once his heart and the only thing that can fill it is weed.
He never can enjoy anything and as a result of that, he never lets anyone enjoy anything because he deems it as being a “poser” because we need to enjoy things that are more “real.” As if what he does is any more or less real than what anyone else does. All he does is go spray paint, bike and smoke pot so how’s what we do anymore or less arbitrary than the stupid juvenile shit that he gets into. I’m not really saying he’s more or less than I am but I’m just saying he acts like what he is doing has any real world purpose.
What really gets me about him is that whenever anyone is doing anything at all with their lives, he thinks that he’s in the positon to talk shit about others. For example, one of my best friends in the world is going to college on a full ride and she is majoring in History with an emphasis in Gender studies. One day he and I were at IHOP and he just mentioned “What is she doing with her life? She’s majoring in History. Does that sound like someone that has it figured out?”
As soon as he said that, I completely flipped out on him. I told him exactly what I thought all these years. “Dude, she’s found something that she is passionate about dude. She’s learning and going to college and here you are smoking pot, eating shitty pancakes while she’s doing what she wants to do. It’s really not your buisness what she majors in and more importantly, you’re not in the authoriry to be talking shit about someone when real talk, what the fuck are you doing with your life?I just hate ignorance coming from people that have absolutely no right to be talking shit. But in his eyes, everyone is an idiot

But back to the point, It’s shit like that which is why I prefer to just go to the movies by myself. Another reason that I go to the movies by myslef is because I grew up on the philosophy of “If you want something, just do it yourself.” No one ever took me to the movies that often. No one ever bought me a pair of Jordans or a new console. No one ever bought me new clothes. That’s some shit that I learned how to do on my own because I had to. If I wanted to go see Dope today, I had to because no one was going to. More importantly, I wasn’t going to wait on someone to go see Dope with when I could just take myself and enjoy it more because it was something that I wanted to do.

I hate social norms that dictate that I HAVE to go see a movie with someone else. While I’m not going to lie, yes sometimes it’s nice to go see a movie with a friend, I’d rather just sit in a chair alone with my thoughts. I don’t know sometimes.  


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