The Milllenial’s Voice

I hate Generation X. I hate the baby boom generation. They always like to give themselves a pat on the back for everything that they’ve done for the world, but all the injustices they blame on us millenials. Everything from the failing economy, to the inflation, all the way to the trillions spent on war is the doing of the millenials. But technology innovations. war victories, and only a few other accomplshments were their fault.

We weren’t the ones that voted for Bush twice only for him to turn surplus into debt. We weren’t the ones that went into a war we had no buisness in. We didn’t epically fail at stopping the growing stem of communism. We weren’t the homophibic generation that snorted infinite amounts of drugs and drank vast amounts of alcohol. But because they’re much ¬†older and “wiser” of the ways that the this country is because why their generation is sooooo much better.

I hate it. I hate why we’re the stupid generations that’s putting this country in the shitter. I hate that all the past two generations got lucky and they think that they’re in the authority to tell us what to do. We have the courage to pursue our passions and our dreams and they want to tell us that we’re stupid not to. That college is the only answer to any sort of success in this world. Then they live a life of misery who’s fault is no one else but their own by giving into everyone else’s rules.

We have the voice. We have the right. We have the courage to change this planet and this world for the better, and they’re the ones that want to shoot us down and tell us that we can’t.

They’re the one’s that turned real music into bug buisness and turned talentless clown into millionaires and thus leaving a bunch of real musicians stuck in the gutter wondering where their next meal will come from. They wouldn’t have to if these jag offs actually recoginized talent if it signed their million dollar checks.

We millenials are the ones that can and will change the world for the better.

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