It’s been a very typical Monday. Work and home that I do everyday. Gym on my lunch break and skating after work. I got home around 6:50 PM and got out to skate around 7:00 PM then I encountered with a lady at the entrees of my apartment building who I know I met before but did not remember who she was. She ended up recognized me first and we started talking. She turned out to be John’s boss who came here to see what’s going on with him. I just told her he moved out last month and let her know if I can get in touch with him. It got me worried about him and he’s still not responding on my call or text. I will wait till tomorrow have to check with his family. It just weird tho that she came over here. Something seems suspicious either her or John. Just hoping he will be find and stay out of trouble.

It was a very hot day in Chicago. Probably the hottest day/night in this years. AC is on to cool me down and I’m just going though the stuff online. I have to wake up early tomorrow for another opportunity who probably will freak out for the status thing like the others. Well I just have to try tho. So I’m going sleep little early tonight.

Goodnight and sweet dreams!

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