I just feel like writing a journal online for the first time so people could read and learn from my experience.   I got hired from an agency and started working @ an airplane company at Chatsworth, CA (NHBB) which I was thankful and was very happy.   From a medical field to a whole different field which I was grateful.  I loved the job because you just worked independently and focused on your job (not talking to coworkers).  I know it sounds funny but I like working where you juz mind your own work/job.  I am very friendly, nice and have patience to everything.  Been there and done that AND had experience.  What can I do I have to start from the bottom again.  I’ve worked in this company (medical field) Quest Diagnostic for 12 years and I quit because I have/want to focus on my school.  I was taking LVN classes in the valley full time.   Can you imagine that I did it for 6 months, working full time, full time student and a Mom (of 2).   I passed my level 1 and almost passed my Level 2 which I didn’t….My classmates in Casa Loma College always asked how I do it….I even asked myself too how I do it.   But after on Level 2 it’s getting harder and harder because you have to read atleast 75 pages everyday.  And that left me behind (because first of all) I don’t get enough sleep which I only sleep for 4 hrs total in a day (take note) that’s not even straight 4 hrs. of sleep…2 hrs when I get home from school and 2 hrs when I get home from work.  So how am I supposed to that!  I read my books every break time from work.  To get on details, one hour of  break total which is that’s not enough hours for reading and comprehending what you are reading.   So how am I gonna store all what I’ve read, I don’t get enough sleep so I failed my Level 2.  But I quit my job before the final test for Level 2 which I didn’t make it.  I was devastated because I was in positive mind all the time.  So I have to wait (supposedly) for the next batch which will be after 7 months coz the next batch will be the new students and students who are on the waiting list.   Unless I go to Torrance campus if I really wanna finish within 18 months.  But anyways I didn’t do it coz from the valley to Torrance will take me 45 minutes and that’s without traffic (you know how 405 fwy is!).  But anyways, those times were hell to me everything.  I have to moved out of the house (in-laws) coz I really want to concentrate on my career and reached my simple goal.   So I moved to LA on June 2012 and lived with my Aunt.  Instead of me waiting til November.  I decided to take Phlebotomy classes.  Moving in (to a different city), taking classes, meeting new people, etc totally changed my whole situation.  From a simple, settled and focused girl (woman I should say!) to an opposite way (I can’t enumerate it so much to tell).  Anyways, yep I met new people and introduced to Methampethamine.  To tell you honestly I’m grateful but at the same time not grateful that I was introduced to Meth..(ASK me why?)  First of all, if I met METH (lol!) when I was young and innocent and stupid,  then what would I be now?  Right?  I am grateful that I  met METH now because I know what I am doing and I know my limit for using METH.  I know a lot of people if they find out that your using drug (esp. METH) you’re a bad person now.  I don’t know and I believed that I was still STRAIGHT.   The problem with me when I was using it…when I became OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)  I juz can’t stop cleaning!!!! I hate it.  I can’t go out of the house if my place is messy.  Because with me I don’t wanna go home (opening the door) and your place is messy.  It’s like coming home from work tired and going home same S***.   Isn’t it HOME supposedly Home is where you feel at home and are treated well.  So now let’s get to the point why I am writing this.. Everytime I come home now I don’t feel AT HOME anymore.  You will find out more later on. I have to get ready.  

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