love or loathe?

recently my boyfriend blew me off for someone else after he promised to hang out with me and i got very frustrated. he then proceded to blame it on me and tell me that he is tired of feeling like a disappointment and put the blame completely on me. i called him crying my eyes out and he acted like it was no big deal. why wont he fight for me? i would do anything for him, absolutely anything. why am i always the bigger person.

he lost his best friend a while back and since day one i have been there for him and i have put his problems above mine and i always will. i wish i knew that he would do the same for me. i cant let him go and i want to be with him for the rest of my life. i just wish he would pull his head out of his ass sometimes and stop being so immature and just take the blame for once in his life. i truly do love him but i just dont know how to handle everything sometimes.

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