My diary for Tuesday

Not much to write. Just one of the typical days. John finally texted me in the morning but did not say much about what’s going on. At least I know he’s good. Not too much projects at work and work out on lunch break. The weather was great which made me go out for skating after work despite the strong wind. Skating down to South was amazing. I felt like I was almost flying with pushing my back. However, on the way back to North was kind of pain in the ass. I just took my time to come back. I could tell tho, my endurance got much better than before. Stopped by at Jewel to grab something to cook. Ended up buying steak and cooked it all for tonight and tomorrow’s lunch and maybe more.

It’s 11:34PM now. Feel little tired cause I had to wake up early today for the phone call. It went okay but I don’t think it’s gonna happen cause of the different on their budget and what I expect. Well maybe I regret little but I shouldn’t be cause I know I’m not expecting too much. It’s time to start again. Get some exciting projects and make it happen.

Started my first review on WP theme. I still don’t think I’m ready for it but I could get some help form others on the chat which worked out pretty good. While I was doing it I found out that I learned a lot for doing that. I should utilize some of my free time to do the theme review. I believe this will help improve my skill sets and aesthetic sense. I think I want to get better at this so another one tomorrow!

that’s pretty much it for my Tuesday! sweet dreams!

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