My life

welp, im just on here to vent basically.. feel like no one cares in my family.. or anyone in general for that matter.. so pretty much alot has gone on in the past cpl months.. my fiance is in jail because of his ex bitch.. whom also has harassed me on facebook.. which has been real stressful for me… but i have her blocked on all accounts.. and i have emailed his public defender.. made him aware of whats going on.. on a whole nother note that is unrelated.. my ex sister.. and yes i said ex.. is a stupid bitch.. on one day.. we got into a argument.. because of a fucking can of soda.. anyways, it escalated.. i NEVER put my hands on her fat hoe ass.. but she shut my moms door on me.. yes my moms door.. the bitch dont even hardly be here and doesnt have her own room.. but anyways.. so because she shut the door on me.. i had to punch her stupid ass in her arm.. and i had bruises on my elbow and both knees… because she is pregnant i couldnt even truly defend myself.. the fact of the matter is.. she assaulted me.. and i could have very easily called the police and pressed charges on her ass.. but i decided not to.. because of my daughter, my mom, my little bro.. but the fact is, ive yet to get a apology from her.. at this point i dont even want a apology.. im done with her stupid ass.. for me to be assaulted and i couldnt even defend myself.. thats a deal breaker.. she is dead as fuck to me.. i no longer have a sister.. anytime i reference her i now call her stupid ass or whats her face.. depending on who im talking to.. whats frustrating to me, is i feel like no one understands how i feel or the fact i was assaulted and had bruises.. the only person who would understand is my fiance.. and he has been in jail since june 17th.. and even then he is a man.. so i couldnt expect to much from him.. as far as understanding goes.. i wish someone understood me though.. someone cared.. someone who might even gone through the same shit.. i just dont feel heard.. and it sucks..

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