My son

he worries me. Because he has to always be by my side like I can’t even put him down to use the bathroom without him having a fit. But he’s so adorable. I love him so much. I’m so glad Alex is back home and with us because I know Caleb missed him a lot. The whole time he was gone all he would say is dada or dad. I’m just grateful things are working out right now. Alex looked really sad earlier and thought I didn’t want him home with me, I love that he’s back home! I say things I don’t mean sometimes but doesn’t mean I mean it. I love him so much. But Caleb is also getting into a habit of wanting everything I drink or eat. If I have soda he wants it and I won’t give him soda he screams. Sometimes he hits me when he gets mad but he’s only 1 so I just take his hand and say you don’t hit you be nice. And if he keeps doing it I put him in the playpen while I do something like laundry. Or put him in his crib and see if he needs a nap. He’s a lot like his father. Alex never really played with toys when he was younger, Caleb plays with them for like 1 minute then either throws it at the wall or drops it in his playpen. Right now he’s dropping all his toys in the playpen he thinks it’s amusing. He always wants to touch things he’s not supposed, he loves to climb on things and that scares me I don’t want him getting hurt so I grab him and pull him off the furniture and he screams. He’s a really good eater though. And he dances too. 

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  1. sounds like you got your hands full.. my daughter used to be like that.. wanting to be up under me.. follow me.. at times it was annoying and frustrating.. but i had to break her out of it.. and after a few years.. i did.. she is now 8 years old.. so if you do things to help them break out of it.. itll happen.. every mommy needs some me time.. and lol yeah i think kids and babies always think throwing or dropping toys is amusing.. they love when they drop it and someone picks it up..

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