Boys lie even though the suck at it

Men lie almost all the time. But they suck at it, or women just got so good at knowing these lies because it has been their routine and that are so often given to them. Maybe. Men lie. They suck at it, but why do they continue to do this thing? Even though they know that women will eventually find out. Does lying satisfy their ego? Even if at the end of the day, they are the ones who will have to apologize. Men will lie to you knowing that you will find out soon, then this will cause a fight, then relationships will be teared apart. Why do men lie even though they suck at it? Is it  because women can’t handle the truth? THEY WILL KNOW THE TRUTH, so what is the use of lying? It will just intensify her anger on what you did, it will just make her even angrier and she will lose trust. It is much better to tell the truth, at least you told her before she finds out for herself (which she always does)

Women have this superpowers in their gut. That thing inside them that acts like a brain when somethings wrong. Those butterflies but not for excitement, it is for instinct. They have this ESP that will notify ones something is wrong. So why do men still use lies?

The thing about men, they are made to lie. They are created to lie to women , with women, because it sounds so much better and they  always hope that thing will get better with the use of it. But no, eventually, someday you will look back and look into her innocent eyes who thought that everything’s perfect, fine and pure. But, in the deepest core of their relationship there are lies that might and WILL ruin everything. You think you can just hide these mistakes until the end of days with the use of lying.  Men continue to lie, even though they suck at it, because they trust the lies instead of their women, they give their trust that those will patch things up and make everything perfect but what they don’t realize it that it will be the cause of the relationship’s destruction instead.



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