Day 4

Dear Agent Annie,

My letter is written so you and I can become better acquainted. I hope from this letter you become more familiar with me and invite me to a meeting where I might become better familiar with you. I’ve lived on the northside of Chicago for the last three years and I spend time along the beach in the North Shore and northside of the city. I draw a ton of inspiration from the beautiful settings in which I find myself and from the people I meet everyday. Yes, this does include coffee shop sessions, strolls along the lake, amateur photography sessions, and being a sunrise enthusiast.

The lens through which I see my world brings a unique perspective. I am an avid listener and observer. These characteristics give me the chance to process the world around me and either record an interaction or create a story with my words through writing. My pieces are intriguing, easy to read, and playful. The audience enjoys a break from their day through the experience of a quick reading break – this is what brings me the most joy from what I do. One of my goals when I craft a piece is to share my love of my experiences and my love of writing with my reader. When my audience’s imagination is fed, I am satisfied.

I am looking for opportunities to work on my craft. If you know of any party looking for an inspired, energetic, motivated writer I would love to learn more about the potential job. My writing is organized and outlined, drafted, rested, revisited, and polished. Though it may never be perfect or presentable from my perspective, my process produces a publishable piece that and editor would be proud to approve in their work. My past and current work experience has prepared me to work to tight deadlines and communicate with my team effectively.

Contact me via phone, email, text, or stop by for a meeting. We can talk in depth about what we can do for each other. I look forward to your call.


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