My Wednesday Dairy

11:52 PM on my bed. I’m going to make this quick tonight since I want to go to bed soon. Nothing much special to write about just work and home. Worked out on lunch break and skating after work. It was good decision to go out skating. It always makes me feel better. Salad for dinner with some Indian bean dish that J made. Had a bottle of beer and talked my mom and grand mom on the phone for about 30 mins. I feel always sorry for my parent that I haven’t really gave them back anything yet. Despite all the support I got from them. Although I know they are good, I feel like I still owe them a lot including my sister and grand mom too. This is the one of the reasons that I want to be success and give them back more than I received. I just need to keep try and try to get things I want and get there where I want to be. Yes, I gotta be more smart and work more harder cause I’m not even close yet. I will never give up and one day I will get all of them!

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