Is this just a dream?

You came to me out of the blue

It’s been a while since I last saw you


Is this real?

I’ve got a feeling

My mind’s still reeling


I love hearing your voice

especially when you finally made that choice

I want to see your face

Will I get to be in your warm embrace?


Those were the words I’d long to hear

as you gently whispered in my ear

Suddenly it became crystal-clear

I’m meant to be here


You are the reason for this smile

Stay, not just for a while

I’d like to hear you say that again,

making sure that I’m not insane


Your whisper has unleashed this magic

Hopefully it’s not full of dirty tricks

All I know now is that I want you

and these feelings are true…




(Jakarta, 13/7/2015 – 11:15 pm)


-inspired after listening to Ryan Cabrera’s “True”-

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