I am a Freemason

I love being a Freemason. Brotherhood across the world. Striving to be a better person,to be accountable for everything we do. To be on the level,honest and upright.

From my experiences, i have met many good brothers,men,doing mgreat work in their communities.

Unfortunately a few churches cast a poor light on Freemasons in general. Freemasons is not a religion as such,but does follow christuan values. One needs to believe in a higher being in order tobe accountable for their actions.


We arent trying to ” take over the world”. We are all told from the very begining that our duties are first to our families, churches,our work. When these are in order we attend our monthly meetings.


Once upon a time, Freemasons appeared to be a secret organisation. We are not hiding and are in plain site. Masonic lodges may be found in any phone book. We lead by example,what we say and do and taje responsibility for every action we make.

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