Lonely London.

London; 8 million people and not one friend.

When you’re growing up, you make friends at school. Then you meet their friends… and their friends… and, well you get the picture.

But what happens when you move to London, and literally only know your boyfriend (who isn’t exactly a social butterfly). How do you make friends? Do you go out on your own? Join a club you’re not particularly interested in? Ask one of your colleagues, whom you spend 10 hours a day already with, to hang out?

I’m from a small town where everyone knows everyone. I played netball 3 times a week, bowling twice a week and visited London at the weekends. I haven’t made new friends in years. I love my oldies; the ones that have been with me since I can remember. But now they’re 80 miles away… what do I do?

Dating websites are EVERYWHERE at the moment… to find a date is simple. But to find a friend… impossible. Isn’t it?




2 thoughts on “Lonely London.”

  1. Completely understand. It makes you want to put an ad in the personals ” Wanted – A friendly face”

    Moving somewhere new is always a challenge. Finding a club that is involved in those favourite sports you love is perfect idea, also a good place to start.

    Many people have found churches and made friends there. I am not a church goer,but i worked away from home at 16 and was far from home knew no one and extremely honesick and alone. I went to a Baptist church,met lovely people,told them who,what,where about me. I was invited to dinner several times and warmly welcomed. Initially,i didnt want to go,but was glad i did. That was a long time ago,i didnt return when i left there. But i do remember the isolation and loneliness.

    I hope you find people and good luck.

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