A whole new world..

Last June 30, 2015, we just moved to another apartment. This was actually the third time we are moving from apartment to another. It’s quiet hard living like this. Of course because there’s a lot of adjustments. Especially emotional adjustments.

We’ve been actually like this since our own house was being sold(by my uncle’s decision)

It was then literally a space bought by my uncle for his youngest sibling – my mama. So my sister and mama built our house from flooring to ceiling with their own money. There we lived. The five of us – my sister, my two brothers, me and mama. Almost ten years have passed, my uncle got married and had a child. And he decided not to go back abroad where he used to work. Until he ran out of money for his family, she told mama to pay P 500 a month. We were shocked but can’t do anything, so we paid him P 500 every month. Until the worst time came. my uncle’s wife told us that they decided to sell the house(I don’t really think they have the right for that). Since the property was titled to my uncle’s, it happened to be sold. They just gave mama some money when the house was being sold. That was totally a crap!!

Since then, we moved to an apartment. Then we moved to another.. and now, we are in a whole new world. If we can call it that. I still don’t feel good being in here.

Good sides are, our new home is near the market and groceries. It is also near the terminals of public vehicles, and.. it is near the school where I work(but I don’t think it’s really good to be near the school)

Wheew! Life is getting more tiring than I ever thought. I need to work hard more, too. I need to make plans for improvement and goals to move forward. I need to move forward and stop over thinking now! Haay.. Another challenge of being an adult!

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  1. Sounds like a new opportunity and you are on the right track. May this one be your time to shine. Good luck with everything. Strength and determination to you.

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