Back Again

So i have to go to the Dentist this morning and lets just say the Dentist isn’t my favorite person in the world to go see i’m terrified of the Dentist, i’m not sure why except i think it stems from a time i went to a Dentist when i was a little girl but i really can’t remember so it must be my sub-conscience that remembers i don’t talk about this in front of my kids because they are afraid enough. Then depending on how i feel the rest of the day will be spent with my kids and at some point i will talk to my “friend” although he wants to be more i’m being super careful because that is another fear of mine is somebody will be all like ” i love you i love you” and then down the road they would be like ” i don’t love you i   never did” just like my ex did.  I feel like he is moving too fast with his feelings and i have urged him to be slower and more patient he says he can be patient i guess time will tell i have to give this a chance because who knows maybe he is a GOOD guy. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Saturday. I really wish i could add favorites or like certain things because i’m not really sure for those you want to follow how your suppose to remember their name on here to be able to read them… 

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