Commitment is a jungle cat

In May I met someone only twice. We talked a lot over two public meetings. Of the things we talked about, for some reason the concept of commitment came up. A statement was made. It was one that struck me and stuck with me. My conversation partner said, “Commitment is having no other way out.”

I can always find a way out. I timidly visited the fact that I may have never committed to anything in my life. When I think about it this way, it almost seems to be a shame. But I don’t know why it seems that way. There is something that tells me there is more to sitting still with something than looking at it as having no way out.

From a personal growth standpoint, I imagine you would learn amazing lessons. Or at least get some more practice in with virtues like patience, acceptance, humility, gratitude … would a life be more enriched for seeing a commitment through?

I can see how a commitment can be calming. It is finite. It is knowing what you are doing. No wondering about what’s next because this is it. And you’re there and engaged and present no matter the landscape. There is no planning the next move. It is the constant – it becomes the most stable thing in your life. You count on it being there and alive.

So if you’re so inclined, how do you find your commitment? It could take a focused reflective period to choose your commitment. No way out from what? A job. A location. A person. A duty. A concept. A movement. Do you identify your project or does it find you by way of kismet?


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