Day 1-July 18th

Mom and dad drove me to the airport where I told myself I wasn’t going to cry when they left me, yet I still managed to shed a few tears. It was all hitting me at once, not that fact that I wouldn’t see them for two weeks, just the fact that in a few moments I would be completely on my own. It was a big step for me, so naturally I had to cry about it

All my.fears went aside when I found my gate and calmed my nerves by having a drink at the bar by myself, surprisingly a lot of other people where in my shoes. When I got on the plane I happened to sit next to two older ladies who were a riot. They watched get hard with me and we were all laughing so loud the entire plane definitely heard us. After that we all talked about new movies coming out like train wreck and they both said they were dying to see it. Needless to say it was a great flight, also because they stood up for me when the stewardess told me that they never were told about my peanut allergy. Bullshit. Anyway I didn’t starve and I met two great ladies from it.

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