Finding your happy place

In todays world there is a lot of hussle and bussle. Stress, money worrys,health,family, many stressors that may be upon us.


It is so important to find a quiet place within. It can take practice if you are new to this but it certainly helps.


For me, i spent a lot of time up in the mountains along side a flowing river. I use these memorys to return frequently,to calm my mind. Through visualisation,i imagine the river,the rock im sitting on and then focus on feeling the rock below me ( grounding myself), imagine birds flying, the bush around me,the sound of the water flowing.

Before long, i am in this place once again. The mind quietens, and i can regroup here.


You too can find your happy place within. It will help you see clearer and refocus.


If you are not used to visualisation, listen to and relax to instrumental music that incorporates natural waves breaking,birds chirping ect. It will assist you to begin your journey and self discovery.


Happy journing and may you find your happy place.

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