Five Days.

Okay so I’m apparently not very good at this. According to the calendar whotsit, it’s been five days since I last wrote here. I guess that I could say work has been very busy lately and other stuff has been happening. I’ve decided to binge a little on various series and sometimes I do my coursework. (bad Net)

Though to be honest; the days just seem to blur and mix together nowadays to make one massive day of 168 hours. I suppose it would be easier if I could sleep. I can’t say that I’m up all night, however sleeping between 3-6 hours doesn’t do much for the old energy levels. But alas we must press on and do what we’ve gotta do, so what if it’s done in a zombie-ish state. I seem to manage well enough. I think it helps that my job requires me to be alert and active with various things to ensure that I don’t fall asleep.

Though this week I have decided that I can’t – as horrible as it sounds – waste time and energy on people who can’t be bothered with me or only do so when it’s convenient for themselves. It may prove to be a seemingly lonely road ahead, but fortunately I can do just fine on my own. We’ll see how that goes, luckily I seem to be fortunate enough to have at least one or two people.

(The picture I took last year when testing out my camera when it was new. I really ought to try and get myself back into that.)

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