Hello Day One

Well i am new here but not new to online journaling it’s just been awhile since i’ve done so. I use to journal at Opendiary but they went down for some reason. I’m mom to 3 boys B-25,Z-11 and S-8. I work 2 jobs a daycare and a fast food job i like both jobs but the daycare one is so rewarding teaching the kids things although today was a sad day one of the little ones and she was one we had when she was a baby she left and then came back has left again because Grandma will be watching her i’m so gonna miss her she was a sweet heart, thats the only downside to it is if you get attached and then they move on.I will try to be regular in writing keep your fingers crossed for me lol. Btw this was not written at 5:39 am this morning it was written around midnight i just now learned how to change the time so it reflects me.

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