Day 2-July 19th

The day started with my flight landing at 12am. Then finding activities for myself to do while I wait till 4am to board my next flight. Fun times. It was all a blur till around 3am when I met up with another volunteer who was traveling down to Uganda with me. He also happened to meet another girl who was coming with us as well. It was awesome. We were all dead tired but we still had an hour to wait so we decided to walk around the airport. This time it was around 8am in Amsterdam. We were walking and talking about how much we love game of thrones and wine. Then we came across a pub in the airport which was open. We all looked at each other and immediately knew we had to go in. We each had a pint of beer but then quickly realized that with no sleep and no food in our stomachs we didn’t make the best decision. But it was fun. And it worked out great because as soon as I got on the plane I passed out. Didn’t even feel us take off.

After a horrible flight of watching movies and dosing in and out we finally made it to Rwanda at this point we only had about thirty min left of flying and we were all getting antsy. When we finally touched down in Uganda the culture shock immediately set in. When we headed to get our visas the process was a little too quick. They didn’t care about my documents or my yellow card. I just handed them the 100$ cash and then I moved on. Yikes. We got picked up by a staff member who was very nice. They carried our bags for us and everything. The worst part was that we flew in at night so we couldn’t see any scenery. However the driving was insane. Not only because we’re on the other side of the road but also because they drive worse than new York drivers. Again, yikes. We arrived back to the volunteer house around 11pm and I headed straight to bed. I was too tired to hang up the mosquito net so I just draped it over my body. It worked.

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