Love Spell

So I have this guy friend that I open up to and he opens up to me. We’ve been really good friends all this time and Ive never been attracted to him. But all of a sudden I start having feelings for him and getting excited when I see him. Its like Im under a love spell because I never thought of him like that before and then just out of nowhere my feelings change. Hes told me that he thinks about me every night and that he prays that one day Ill find a good man, because Ive been through a lot. I want to tell him I how feel but Im afraid. I guess its a fear of rejection.

6 thoughts on “Love Spell”

  1. Tell him ” hey,i think i found the right guy”. He will sit and listen,notice his expressions as you describe him. Tell him all the wonderful things about ” this guy” and then when he asks ” who is it?”
    Tell him ” Its you”.

    Good luck

  2. There is a huge age difference. I have a lot going on in my life and so does he. We agreed to be good friends and see where it goes. Im fine with that.I wouldn’t want to mess up our friendship.

  3. At least now you know and it your heart abd mind can stop fighting each other. Its a good thing.let nature take its course,he knows how you feel now and he may take the next step in time.

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