Hi, after so long of not posting on here I feel as if the previous posts do not represent my life anymore and therefore I have deleted them.

I am hoping to write at least one post a week, I am not looking to making this a specific type of journal/blog, I’m just going to document my life/emotions and create a sort of self help type thing for when I am feeling down.

Right, where did I leave off? I think it was just before I headed to sixth form. Well, I am studying there now. I have been studying Engineering, Applied Science and Creative Writing. I joined sixth form with a small percentage of my old year group and found myself fitting in and able to talk to the older year group better.

I would normally beg for you all not to be offended or hurt by what I’ve just said, but if you all truly liked me, then you wouldn’t be offended, because my happiness should  be more important than if I accidentally offend you with my happiness.

Anyway. I had some people that I would call a friend, most of you were acquaintances, however I did feel that some could now be my friend. And I am glad for that.

But I have met my one true best friend. This may be silly to some, but for someone who has never had anyone super close, I now have this one person who I know will never hurt me.

I feel happier than ever and I feel as though I should be proud of that, because happiness is one of the most important things in life.

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