Thank Goodness Day 2

Well the dentist visit is over for now boy am i glad as i have a terrible fear of the dentist i keep my eyes closed the whole time usually and Dr. J is GREAT. Just got off the phone with a good friend of mine that i hadn’t heard from in awhile which was nice i hope she continues to do well. Talked to C today but not very long i had thought he might get back to me and talk more to me seeing as he claims to  want me to be comfortable with him to be able to profess the “L” word which at this point i’m not yet. Don’t know how long that will take me to get to that  point, in my first relationship the marriage we both moved fast we met in November 2000 and he came down a couple of times from Nov-Dec 2000 and then Jan 2001 he moved in and Feb 14th  Valentines Day which ruined that day for me forever we got married. C has already said “I love you” it scares the crap out of me. Ok well this is a short entry maybe i will write again tomorrow. take care all and Good Night!

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