What have i gotten myself into?

So after playing around on IMVU for a while…..somewhere along the line i stuck my toe into the findom end of the pool and found myself spending a significant amount of money on Dommes online who knew how to pull the right strings.  I always felt that 95% of the “pros” online were short sighted in demanding x amount of credits or tributes before even chatting with anyone….because “there time was precious”.  Funny thing was most of them were either in a chat room alone, broke, or in a room with other “precious time Dommes” who were alone and broke as well.  I understand about time wasters and wankers who use others for hot chat then do their squirting and leave.  But there are a few of us who crave being controlled, manipulated and even used for others benefit but dont spend a thousands of bucks a month doing it.

That bring me to the last couple months.  Ive been controlled and manipulated by a Domme online through Teamviewer.  She took my admin log in status from me and created Her own admin log in on my pc.  Shes taken over my pc and a part of my life.  I really cannot upset Her or disobey Her or She can really make my online life diffcult or extremely limited.  She has set time limits, content restrictions, curfews, and a few other things.  Things a parent would do to punish their child.   Its quite humbling and embarassing.  She has also disabled specific keys on my keyboard and locked apps on my pc so i cant use them.

Teamviewer is set to auto log in when i get online and i cant disable it, delete it, uninstall it or close it.  She has Her own password to log in whenever She wants as well.  In the beginning it started with buying Her a handful of IMVU gifts per week…  a real bargain for being controlled and Dommed by a Goddess.  Now, im spending 120.00/month on amazon gift cards for Her with September and December being Her birthday and Christmas…Shes demanding 175.00 extra in cash so She can spoil Herself.    Over time Shes woven Her web around me…..making me a little more addicted each day….to the point where I realize that im spending about $2000 a year on Her.   What have i gotten myself into?

2 thoughts on “What have i gotten myself into?”

  1. Wowza. There are computer businesses that can reformat your drive or reset computer back to factory settings if you want to get out of that control.
    Is it that control that you wish to reclaim? Just posing questions to ask yourself.

  2. Perhaps you read my post as me complaining about my situation. Even though it can be cumbersome, restricting, and manipulating…..its also exciting and addicting as well.

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