Day 3-July 20th

Wake up call was at 730 but I coulda slept for days. I was so beyond tired. Breakfast was served at the table and it was a grab and sit anywhere at anytime kinda thing. It worked. I had some toast and a banana. Still was totally jet lagged. We were told our orientation didn’t start till 10 so a small group of us decided to go explore the town (sorry dad) We traveled downthe dirt roadfrom our villa to the main dirt road. Thiswasps our first interactions with the locals and they all seemed to us. I would describe it was walking down a red carpet except it was an orange dirt road, and all these people came out of their living quarters to greet us, children would run up to us just to say hi and give us high fives. We were popular. However we also learned that they kids would call us a “mazito” which means white person. Its cool though, as long as I get treated like a celebrity.

After we got the break down of how this place operates we ate some lunch. Whjch, as ways is rice and beans. Maybe some cabbage if were lucky. Then we went to the grocery store and got some food and such. Also no one told me that they don’t use toilet paper. So uhm that was awkward. we all hung out for the rest of he afternoon, introducing ourselves and such. Later that night we all decided to go to the local bar called kings. I was excited to be hanging with all these new people for the first time. We got there around 9pm and were the only ones there till about 10 when a random dj showed up and started turning on the strobe lights and blasting some African music, with a little of beyonce in there of course. We were all having a blast and I tried my first ugandian beer. It was called Nile and it was delicious. (Sorry drew,already drank) we left to go back home and then passed out till the next morning.

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