Doesn’t Seem Real

For some odd reason today I just don’t feel like myself. This passed week I was so excited to have Degrassi back and now today is the day and I don’t feel like myself. This doesn’t feel like a normal day… it doesn’t seem real at all. I don’t want to leave my room, usually I am in my room but right now it is like a depressing day for who knows what reason. I just want to stay in my bed and sleep, cry, or I don’t know but I want to be alone and in peace hugging one of my stuff animals. Maybe these dreams I keep having are from the stress or what’s eating me inside because today’s dream was about me going to apply at Apple bees in my local city with my aunt because she drove me even though I can drive. And then the application was just so hard to fill out because I am barely 17 and looking for a job. It all turned out bad because the next thing I know is that I am having a picnic with my family and my mom takes my little sister’s side towards an argument we just had and I completely broke down in tears. The only real part was that now in real life I don’t feel like applying to Apple Bees anymore because they are hiring in my city since they just built one and I did have an argument with my mom last night. These types of dreams I keep having are starting to scare me.

XOXO Lizquiet

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