I just wish that I could be more open with people,and then maybe people would like me. I don’t know why people just don’t like me at all. Do I seem stuck up or something? I can work on that if that is what’s wrong with me. I talk to people yes and I do have friends, but for some reason they don’t stick around. Like for example Ben, when we first talked on Facebook we didn’t stop. It was an everyday thing for the two months of summer and then all of a sudden we stopped. And when I messaged him the conversation didn’t last that long and we would talk like for a few days then for months nothing and all of a sudden he messages me. The pattern is the same. Or is it that I am to needy? I thought as friends that we could trust each other and talk about personal things and maybe that’s my mistake;thinking that I can just tell anyone who I trust and hope that they would help me out with my problems, give me advice, or try to encourage me; but no that did not happen, has not happened, and may not happen. Sorry to those who did not want to read my rant, but I was just expressing my feelings.

XOXO lizquiet

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