it is 94 degrees out today and I haven’t been in any type of air conditioning yet. I’m sweating I know it’s gross but god it’s so hot I feel like I’m melting. Sitting in the car right now with the windows open waiting for Alex to come back and we are going to his house which has central ac. Not to mention Alex has been very nice all day and we just left his grandparents house and I forgot Caleb’s medicine so I told him and he got all pissed and said I don’t have a brain and if forget my own brain if I lost it. He’s very mean. I can’t help but to picture my life a different way. Without a husband who’s mean to me all the damn time, who insults me, who tells at me, who im just not happy with. I’m tired of it. But something keeps telling me to stay with him, but I don’t know. I love him even when he puts me through shit. My husband thinks he had it hard. He ran away for 3 weeks didn’t worry about me or Caleb, said he needed space. What if I need space? I can’t get it I have responsibility as does he but he doesn’t take action for his he leaves me to do all the work. I want a husband that helps out. 

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