The Beginning.

Well this is the first time i’ve ever thought about doing something like this and honestly I will probably forget about this later on. I dont even really know if this will work out. Anyway my life has been seriously crazy. I guess I should start from the beginning. I grew up in Lock Haven. Some will know where that is. Some won’t. At first life was easy but when your a kid the most stressful thing would be someone stealing your crackers. My life changed when my great grandfather got sick. He need someone to live with him and make sure that he would be ok. You see he had Leukemia. He was in remission for a long long time. We lived there for about 8 or 9 years which was also as long as he stayed in remission. When he came home to pass everything changed. My family came in to watch him and honestly i wanted nothing to do with it. I was 15 when I had to watch my grandfather suffer. Have you ever heard the death rattle before? You dont want to. Its scaring. Anyway my cousin and I were down the road. Once we got home my pap was gone. This is where it all went down hill. My Nana’s 2nd husband went through the house saying what he could get rid of and change. His body wasnt even out of the house yet. Mind you my grandfather build that house. He had two dogs Bubba and Benny. Bubba was the youngest. I took the dogs in. Benny was pap’s baby. Anywhere he went Benny went. It was cute. After pap died he refused to do anything. Wouldn’t even eat. I had finally got him back to normal and we decided that we would go for a trip. That morning before we left he had a call from my nana that she and Donny (her husband) were coming up to clean the house and all that good shit. Benny was playing and perfectly fine. As we were coming home we got a call from my nana saying that Benny had died from natural causes. I said we were going to be home soon and to keep him out so i could say good bye and i would be the one to bury him. She said Donny was already doing that. How did that make sense? He was fine this morning. Lucky for me my cousin Shawn had counted all the bullets for the guns and knew exactly how they were sitting….You can guess where that is going. He shot my dog. Later I found out something else. My nana was giving my pap too much medicine…making him over dose. Well…they moved in shortly after that and things got even worse. We found out that the will wasnt in our name like it should have been. My nana took my pap when he wasnt in the right state of mind and got it all in her name. Everything. The house was hers. The only place i ever called home. One night Donny’s dog had bit my friend…Donny tried to have it as no one could come over to the house again. We faught that night. Donny went out to my nana and said “Its them or me.” She picked him. She kicked us out with no where to go. I left my house. I wanted nothing to do with them. I stayed with my friend. Then we moved into my other pap’s. There is more to come…That was just the beginning. 

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