Day 4-July 21st

Started off my day by being woken up by a local church preaching to the village. It was interesting. Then the roasters where doing that “cocka doodle do” thing but not just once like they show you in the movies. It was constant for about 30 min. Wonderful start to my day. Around 8am we took at taxi to our placement at his grace juinor school. When we got there we were greeted by a young African woman who looked at us and immediately ran and started hugging us. She said she was so happy to have us and that we wanted to help. Soon after that I was thrown into the kindergarden classroom and was told to teach them. Uhm what.  I never taught a day in my life and now these 12 children with beautiful big eyes are smiling at me and calling me teacher. I rolled with it. by the time PE  came around we were all jumping and dancing and singing till we were covered in sweat. During that time I was stampede d by kids. All of them wanted to hold my hand and a few actually got punched by their classmates in the process. I wish I had more hands for them to hold. At one point a boy came up to me and took my arm at rubbed it against his face like a cat would do. I asked him what he was doing and he said that he likes met white skin, I said I like to believe I’m a little tan. He didn’t get my joke. After PE We went back to the classroom which was just an old shack. No floors or Windows, unless you consider the holes in the walls as Windows. It was depressing but at the same time how could antone be depressed while looking at these children. They love life.  They constantly smile and are happy with everything about life. It’s truley amazing to look at them and see they have nothing but are the happiest children I’ve ever met.

After we got back to the house a few of us decided to go to the botanical gardens. It was amazing. We got to feed monkeys which just walked up to you like it was nothing. Then we saw some awesome trees and stones that were made back in the 1700s  We sat by the edge of Victoria lake, didn’t touch the water though, even the tour guide said we would get incredibly sick if we touched it. The night ended with some ice cream and oreos, I was missing American food a bit

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