Im pretty smart.

That being said, I dont deal with stupid people easily.

ESPECIALLY stupid people who are CONNNSTANTLY up my ASS.

If I dont like you, I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut.

Then this guy has the balls to get offened and call me a bitch…


I tried being nice, you were on my nerves and up my ass telling me your life story and futher raping my ear. I told you I wasnt interested, you said you wanted to kiss me. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?!?!?!?!?

I sent a message that said,”Im not trying to be a jerk, Im just not interested”

Then he says if I felt like he was hitting on me it was the liquor talking…

firstly, he didnt drink hardly anything… and after bragging about drinking fifth after fifth, if 3 beers has him hitting on people he dont like, that is WEAK.

I dont like it when people act like little bitches and cant take being called out on it. ACT LIKE A MAN AND I WILL TREAT YOU LIKE ONE. SAME GOES WITH ACTING LIKE A LIL BITCH.

Then he is all like, but i really like hanging out… bitch you will be lucky to ever see me again the way you be buggin. DAMN.


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