well then

thank you everyone. it’s been real. it’s been fun. but it hasn’t been real fun. i have now officially kept a promise. but now? i’m done writing this shit.

be kind to each other when you remember to, okay?

One thought on “well then”

  1. no. i’m going to block your ass for being a fucktard. the stunt in question WORKED. i now after 7 years of being ignored because though i AM dying i am too sane to qualify for home health care or a social worker and being backlisted for medical care for religious discrimination? i now have a recommendation for a GP AND pain specialist in THE SAME FACILITY (no more GP trying to undermine PS and widdershins likewise!)and an appointment for home health care AND a social worker. so do the rest of the world a favour and 1- shut your fucking cake hole, you dumb skank ad 2- keep your twisted christer bullshit to yourself (if you are using christer symbology in your religion? you’re fucking christer. keep your fucking ‘archangels’ to yourself christer-whore!)

    and as for everyone else who legitimately wants to know what happened? i literally just got home. let me sort a few odds and bobs out, get my boots off and answer messages, then i’ll type out the story of the past week.

    oh and it’s spelled KARMA. but i guess YOURS obviously ran over your dogma. now fuck off like a good little twat who doesn’t actually know what’s going on. it HAD to look legitimate. if it DIDN’T, they’d have sent me home with no help at all.

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