Nausea & Vomiting with Strep – Fun, Fun, Fun

Nausea is, ultimately, the worst part of vomiting. Even I can rationalize that. I’m sure others would disagree and swear that vomiting is the worst part, but to me, it’s a blur. It happens so fast I can barely register what’s happening, and that’s a-okay. The nausea beforehand, that “Oh shit, it’s gonna happen,” moment, is truly the most uncomfortable sensation.

When I vomited for the first time in 13 years (October 2014), I didn’t really expect it. I’d woken up with a terrible, aching sore throat. Not your average dry and scratchy scenario. It was odd, uncomfortable, but I put it aside to sleeping with my mouth open or a weird reaction to the beer I’d drank the night before.

Me being thoughtful and intelligent, I ate cold pizza for breakfast. I immediately regretted this decision, instantly nauseated and uncomfortable. Although I can’t really remember whether I was feeling a little sick before or not, it didn’t help. I soon left my friends house, where I’d stayed the night, and ran errands with my mom. I didn’t eat anything else that day. I felt miserable; sick to my stomach and tired. I’d never experienced such vivid and intense nausea, but at the time I didn’t even know what it was.

At my mothers insistence, we had Chinese food for dinner. I expected the hunger to set in once the smell overtook the car. It didn’t. I felt the same. When we returned home, I lay in bed, still nauseated, hoping for that familiar sense of hunger to arrive. After 30 minutes, I gave in, not feeling better but no worse, and heated up some Chinese food. I scarfed it down, probably because it tasted so damn good, and went for a second helping of Chowmein.


Even dumber? Going to try and sleep less than 30 minutes after.

I felt disgusting. I couldn’t focus on my laptop, as it made me feel evenworse. I shut down my screens and closed my eyes. I think I fell asleep, but not long after, awoke in a sweat and panic. I darted to my door, trying to head outside to the deck. I distinctly remember a burp, and a dry heave, in that moment I started to lose it. I rant to the deck, the cool air typically calming a panic attack (which I still thought that’s all it was), but ended up vomiting before opening the slider, and proceeded to finish outside on my deck.

I felt immediate relief. Shock, but relief. I hadn’t vomited since I was 3 years old. I didn’t see it coming.

15 minutes later, an unsettling feeling in my stomach returned, warning me of what was to come. The remainders of my dinner. About 4 times, and then it was over and done with for the night, no more nausea.

The next day I was diagnosed with strep throat.

My doctor insists that it was due to the strep throat and greasy foods, as the two are not to be mixed. I would agree, as I can remember my brother vomiting after trying to eat fish & chips with strep throat. Strep was not fun. Vomiting was not fun, but it wasn’t worth all the fear and worrying. I know this,  yet continue devoting way too much time stressing over it.

Gotta love it.

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