Diary of a Bitch.

I am a bitch. I dont hide it well (nor do I really try). I think the people who think Im truly a bitch are in serious need of a reality check. I am not a suger-coater. I try to avoid hurting feelins, but if you ask me a question you are going to get the truth. I hate being lied to. It is like the worst thing ever. The quickest way to get me to get out of your life is to lie to me. Something big or something small. a lie to me is a lie to me.


Well, I work in customer service. and to all the americans who want customer service people who are american and then treat the american representative like shit- -FUCK YOU. I hear it all FUCKING day long. “yall need to stop outsourcing your customer service, if I call I want to talk to someone I can understand” Firstly, I cant do shit about it, so stop bitching about it to me. Secondly, you are a fucking retard. companies hire the phillipines and south africa because those countries are CHEAP AF, and if you as the customer werent so CHEAP AF, maybe just maybe, we could afford to hire more people in the US. We are the largest mother fucking country in the who god damned world, and we are some spoiled ass, demanding, entitled, pieces of SHIT. No wonder other countries hate us, HELL, I hate us. We are assholes. And whats more, we JOKE about being assholes. We have no respect, we arent polite or poised at all.


We have the potential to be the greatest country in the world, but we squander it on mcdonalds and instant gratification.

Pisses me off.


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