Dusty Old Laptop

Today I decided to break out my laptop which I haven’t touched in 3 years! You see, I have an Iphone, Ipad, Kindle, and a 2 year old. The last thing I needed was some other electronic to take my attention. The reason I decided to get the old junk out was because I have been feeling a lot lately that I need to start a new ministry. The day I found out I was pregnant changed everything, including my walk in faith and involvement at church. It was like instantly all my time was taken away because I was preparing for this beautiful little baby. Magically when my son was born my time was non existent. The first thing that went out the door was my ministry. I even lost touch with God because I found a new love: my child. It took me 2 years to see that I have lost touch because of how drastically my life has changed. I no longer could go hang out with the youth every night, I could no longer just run over to church after work and then eat later, I could no longer go a night without cleaning. I know there has to be other women out there feel the same as I do. I know there has to be woman who would love a place to go to when they just need a little inspiration. When my son was born I tried to pray and sing hymns to him but it seemed so empty. I just wasn’t feeling it anymore, my attention and focus shifted. I plan to post an actually entry somedays, or copy of a devotion I read, or even just scripture or quote to remind myself of Gods amazing promise!

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