Never the right one.

How does anyone choose the person to spend the rest of their life wth?

I can barely decide what to eat for breakfast.

I think I like someone so I agree to date them only to end it three months later becase I really dont like who they are and shouldnt have dated this person to begin with…

Is there something wrong with me? I think there might be.

Maybe I am just destined to be alone? God, I hope not.

I am a romantic person, I just dont like dealing with BS. I want someone who I can share EVERYTHING with, who is eager to talk to me, someone who tells me everything and doesnt lie. I want someone who wants to be with me because of who I am.. who understands I am a strong woman who wants a man, but doesnt NEED one.  Im independent.. it takes a strong man to deal with that…

good lord. I may never find someone who can deal with my crazy..

I want a best friend who is a guy, i think. That way there is no pressure for sex, whichI’m  either all about or not interested in. I go from 0 to 60 with every guy Ive ever been with and its really annoying. And its completely my fault.

I want someone who is fiercely protective of me, someone who makes me feel safe. That is something I have never ever had. EVER.

They say that a woman will search for a man who is like her father, but that is not what I want at all.. not one bit. My father is not a good man, wasn’t a good husband to my mother and was a piss poor father. Am I doomed?

I may never work it out.



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