I hate moaning.

More so… I hate moaning about hating moaning.

I’m NOT a negative person. I have a lot of love to give, smiles to share and laughs to dish out but sometimes, even the happiest of people will feel a bit…. well Sh!t!

If you’ve read my last post “Lonely London”, you’ll understand my situation. I’m not a ‘stay at home and chill every night’ kind of person. But my partner is and I love him unconditionally. We have lived together for 2 months now and we do… well nothing.

I need adventure. I need exercise. I need laughter. I need company. Right now, my week goes: Work, eat, sleep: repeat. repeat. repeat. It’s just not for me. So instead of moaning and expecting things to change by doing nothing. I have noted some things I can do to help myself (because nobody else is going to wipe your sh!t up for you any more)


1) I have joined a netball team

2) Tomorrow, I will join my local gym

3) I am going home to see my friends and family this weekend.

4) I have found a pub round the corner from my work that does a Comedy Night on a Thursday (will have to wait til next week now but- done)

5) I have invited my friend to dinner mid week next week. I’m paying for her train ticket and we’re going to have a few drinks and good food.



So in my next blog – I’ll try to keep the sh!t talk to a minimum and cheer the f*ck up.




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