Chapter 1

Life can be so cruel sometimes, am I wrong? People that told you they loved you, left you. People who promised to never hurt you, destroyed you. The people that once gave you their shoulder to lean on, are now giving you the cold shoulder. I have been trying to understand for  months how someone who once meant the world to you, can the next  day, forget you even existed. Now I’m not talking about just relationships. Because sadly, more times than others it happens in long-term friendships. Whether they moved off to college or got better friends. It still hurts one person more deeply than the other. It just isn’t fair is it? How could this one person you have given your free time, advice, love, and care for just fucking abandon you like that? How could they just live on with their life like you never fucking meant a thing? You want to know? Some people are just cruel. Selfish. Careless. They are all about their own happiness. You know what they do? They are friends with you so YOU can help THEM. Oh sure, they were there for you too. But think about it, they saw that you were at some point just as weak as them. They took advantage of you. You gave up your happiness without even knowing it. You gotta give it to him/her. They were sly. They blinded you. Deceived you. And know guess what? Now they have brand new friends that they replaced YOU with. And wait, who do you have? Oh, they didn’t make sure you were ok? They stopped calling/texting you didn’t they? Stopped coming over or surprising you with your snacks. Stopped giving one single fuck about you. So how do you deal? Do you cry? Act like you don’t care? Get new friends? OR is it harder for you? Do you cut? Drink? Smoke? Crawl into a depression? Before any of this, you tried reaching out to them right? You called and texted to make sure they were still okay. But you really just wanted to know if they would even pick up your call anymore. But they didn’t did they? You’re on your own bud. And you know what? It’s time to move on to chapter two of your life.

“Love plays the role of a ghost in every movie. Haunts you for life. And controls you until you are dead.”

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